The Cajeta Crepes – Crepas de Cajeta

A note to easy crepe recipe cookbook – PEOPLE LOVE CREPES all over the world! Even in Mexica! 

The Cajeta Crepes (Ca-hay-tah Krayp) is a delicious example of the french influence to the Mexican recipes cookbook; they were created around the time of the French occupation of Mexico and have remained popular ever since. The Crepes recipe used here is a typical french type of pancakes; easy to make and… very thin. The Mexican cajeta is made from a combination of cow milk and goat milk, and is said to have originated in the city of Celaya (Guanajuato state), and its name is derived from the wooden boxes (cajas) used for packaging. Mexico has created an extensive range of products and candy caramel derived, among which are wafers with cajeta or cajeta sticks.


Nutella banana crepes

When thinking about the easy crepe recipe, the first thing that springs to my mind is NUTELLA. Obviously, after making crepes a few times with nutella, you will want to try something different. However, you don't need to forget nutella for good. Try a combination of nutella and bananas! This looks delicious.

nutella banana crepe
For my kids, bananas in crepes are pretty much a must. But we also like Nutella crepes with strawberries, and my five-year-old likes his plain with a bit of maple syrup on the side. This time of year, I’d love some sauteed pears. But in reality what I eat is leftovers of the my kids’ third Nutella banana crepes that they insisted they had room to eat.

Super Simple Crepe Recipe

When I tried making my first easy crepe recipe, I was afraid it will not turn out to be good (what the hell, I thought I will not be able to eat it at all). However, it is far easier than you thinkg… 

After searching for years, I’ve finally found a simple but tasty crepe recipe that I can just throw together whenever I have a crepe craving. I used to be discouraged by the fact that it takes years of practicing fancy wrist maneuvers to make the perfect crepe, but fortunately a crepe of any shape and size tastes equally delicious. Crepes can be savory or sweet, depending on what you put inside. In France, there’s a whole gamut of crepes and “galettes” with a different recipe for every filling but this simplified recipe allows for maximum flexibility and will work as well for a fast, easy dinner as for a wonderful dessert.

Wild Mushroom Crepes with Sherry Cream Sauce

Adding one more recipe to easy crepe recipe blog: Wild Mushroom Crepes with Sherry Cream Sauce. When talking about wild mushrooms there are two types of people: you either love it, or hate it (that is, you don't want to eat mushrooms and then die!). But when you see a recipe like that… you know you must try it!

Charleston Crepe Co. and Le Creuset have partnered to sell a gift set

If you hate trying each new easy crepe recipe, because you do not have a proper pan, please don't read this article!

Crepe pan and mix

Charleston Crepe Co. and international cookware company Le Creuset have partnered to sell a gift set for the 2011 holiday shopping season.

Le Creuset, which has U.S. headquarters in the Lowcountry, will package its 11-inch forged hard-anodized crepe pan, a wooden rateau and recipe card with Charleston Crepe Co. crepe mix.

In addition, Le Creuset will feature the history of Charleston Crepe Co. and select recipes from owners Jack and Rachel Byrne on the company websiteduring November and December.

It seems, that Le Creuset realised, that they could make our life much more better!

It’s interesting how complex topics can be related to something so simple as easy crepe recipe

An interesting article on conscience. It's interesting how complex topics can be related to something so simple as easy crepe recipe – making crepe suzette, for example. 

Consider cooking, which is also performed in the service of the hungry. A cook must first line up all his ingredients before he puts them together and prepares his gourmet dish. If he omits the ice cream, he cannot produce Baked Alaska; if he omits the eggs, he cannot produce Crêpes Suzette.

A good cook is faithful to his recipe; his recipe is nothing more than mixing all the ingredients together in the proper way. What, then, is the recipe for conscience? To begin, let us line up the ingredients, so to speak, that go into conscience, being careful not to omit any of them. What are the ingredients, then, that Wojtyla uses in cooking up his description of conscience?

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Another Crepe Suzette Recipe

On my journey of finding an easy crepe recipe, the second recipe I made was crepe suzette recipe. I like to call it "the original one", because I found the recipe in an old cook book. However, since then I saw quite a few possible variations of the same recipe (where you can make it even easier). 

Therefore, I am adding another variation of crepe suzette recipe to my notebook:

So after my less than stellar attempt at crepes last time, and no, I haven’t really tried Spam as a filling, I decided to try my luck with a sweet crepe recipe. I was perusing an old step by step cookbook my mom had lying around when saw this Crepe Suzette recipe that I’ve always wanted to do but I always end up forgetting to. I also wanted to make something before my dad leaves for schooling so consider me sentimental right now.