Take The Crepe Quiz

If you are interested in more than just finding an easy crepe recipe, you might be interested to take a crepe recipe quiz. Obviously, I (have made only two different crepe recipes yet, therefore) failed miserably to answer any of the questions. 

Question Excerpt From Crepes Duo Quiz


A. Melted Butter

B. Caramel Sauce

C. Cream cheese

D. Brown Sugar

E. Cinnamon powder

F. Apple filling

G. Powdered Sugar and Whipped cream
Savory Crepe CORDON BLEU

A. Chicken breast

B. Sliced Onions

C. 3 slices of ham

D. 2 slices swiss cheese

E. Spinach

F. Tomatoes

G. Salt and pepper
H. Sundried tomato cheese sauce

Read more: http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=crepes-duo-quiz


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