Another Crepe Suzette Recipe

On my journey of finding an easy crepe recipe, the second recipe I made was crepe suzette recipe. I like to call it "the original one", because I found the recipe in an old cook book. However, since then I saw quite a few possible variations of the same recipe (where you can make it even easier). 

Therefore, I am adding another variation of crepe suzette recipe to my notebook:

So after my less than stellar attempt at crepes last time, and no, I haven’t really tried Spam as a filling, I decided to try my luck with a sweet crepe recipe. I was perusing an old step by step cookbook my mom had lying around when saw this Crepe Suzette recipe that I’ve always wanted to do but I always end up forgetting to. I also wanted to make something before my dad leaves for schooling so consider me sentimental right now.



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