Super Simple Crepe Recipe

When I tried making my first easy crepe recipe, I was afraid it will not turn out to be good (what the hell, I thought I will not be able to eat it at all). However, it is far easier than you thinkg… 

After searching for years, I’ve finally found a simple but tasty crepe recipe that I can just throw together whenever I have a crepe craving. I used to be discouraged by the fact that it takes years of practicing fancy wrist maneuvers to make the perfect crepe, but fortunately a crepe of any shape and size tastes equally delicious. Crepes can be savory or sweet, depending on what you put inside. In France, there’s a whole gamut of crepes and “galettes” with a different recipe for every filling but this simplified recipe allows for maximum flexibility and will work as well for a fast, easy dinner as for a wonderful dessert.


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