Must See in Tokyo, Japan – Crepes!

I have a dream… to find an easy crepe recipe and share it with you. I also have a dream to visit Japan, and try their crepes, because I heard rumours that they are pretty good. 

If you happen to like dessert then you are in luck! Takeshita Dori has a really famous crepe stand named Marion Crepes where you can choose from many different flavors. Many people come to Takeshita Dori just to eat the crepe here. You should definitely try one if you have chance to visit Takeshita Dori.


Crepes With Chicken Liver

When you think about an easy crepe recipe, or, in fact, about a recipe for crepe fillings – I really doubt that the first idea you would come up with would be chicken liver. I do love crepes, and I do love chicken… but chicken liver for making crepes? The idea sounds too strange for me… but not for theminx!

When I was perusing the chicken section of the local supermarket, I couldn't help but notice that a pound of chicken livers cost a measly $1.89. Because chicken livers are so rich, that $1.89 could go a long way, so I put a tub into the cart. Once I got home, I put them in the fridge and wondered what I could do with them other than making a paté. Then I noticed that I also had a carton of ricotta cheese in there. Doesn't chicken liver and ricotta sound like a good ravioli filling? I thought so, but wasn't about to go through the rigamarole of making ravioli. Instead, I thought I'd makecrespelle, or crepes, roll them around a chicken liver filling, and bake them with a coating of cheese.

Red Velvet Crepes!

In easy crepe recipe blog, I have recently tried making red crepes. Today, I found another red crepe recipe which has even more RED in it… 

I rolled my eyes at the red velvet cake trend, but now I can’t get enough. I’ll make any excuse to have ‘cake’ for breakfast– here’s my take on a classic.

Red Velvet Crepes

Obviously, it might not be as healthy (using food colouring instead of beetroot), but oh my god, how gorgeous the end-result looks like!

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Take The Crepe Quiz

If you are interested in more than just finding an easy crepe recipe, you might be interested to take a crepe recipe quiz. Obviously, I (have made only two different crepe recipes yet, therefore) failed miserably to answer any of the questions. 

Question Excerpt From Crepes Duo Quiz


A. Melted Butter

B. Caramel Sauce

C. Cream cheese

D. Brown Sugar

E. Cinnamon powder

F. Apple filling

G. Powdered Sugar and Whipped cream
Savory Crepe CORDON BLEU

A. Chicken breast

B. Sliced Onions

C. 3 slices of ham

D. 2 slices swiss cheese

E. Spinach

F. Tomatoes

G. Salt and pepper
H. Sundried tomato cheese sauce

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An easy idea for crepe filling: Nutella

When thinking about easy crepe recipes, probably the easiest way to make crepe filling is to use Nutella!

An easy way to find recipes using Nutella is to go to and search for Nutella. Photos will pop up, and when you see something you like, you can go directly to the recipe. You'll find ideas for Nutella Rice Krispies treats, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, doughnuts, banana bread, crepes, waffles, pizza, hot chocolate, French toast, mousse, ice cream and ganache-covered cheesecake — and even homemade Nutella.

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